April 29, 2016

Avid explorers, I don't think there is anything Emil and I enjoy quite as much as our little road trips! For the most part, whenever we feel like hitting the road, we have a destination in mind, but every once in a while, we simply let the road decide for us. The latter is definitely a more adventurous option, yet so far, we haven't been disappointed and always ended up somewhere amazing! 

This time around, the road took us to Laguna Beach. Sure, we've been to Laguna before, but for some reason we always ended up in the same places, so this time around, we vowed to ignore the familiar routs and went exploring instead! Well, our aim for adventure-packed trip paid off because we ended up discovering a new gem, i.e the cutest sea-side hotel I've ever seen! So pretty, it honestly looked like something off a postcard! Basically, our new favorite place and one of the best examples why we love these road trips so much!


April 27, 2016

I suppose a better title for this post would have been Zimmermann fixation, but floral fixation had a better ring to it, and so I rolled with it! When it comes to favorite labels, my obsessions shift from season to season and though I certainly have a few go-to labels, for the most part, I like a bit of variety. Well, with the exception of Zimmermann that is because I cannot remember a Zimmermann collection I did not love!


April 25, 2016

I don't think any of us can talk about a complete summer wardrobe without mentioning a pair of cute denim shorts! Well, at least I can't! Truly, my summer must-have list consists of just a few items like a pair of cute flat sandals, woven tote, a pretty sundress and of course my number one can't-imagine-summer-without-them item - denim cut-offs! Comfy and versatile, denim shorts are something I can wear anywhere and with everything, and of course you know how much I love that!


April 22, 2016

So, being a Victoria's Secret Angel Card Ambassador definitely has its perks, like shopping with Taylor Hill to pick a few favorites from Victoria's Secret gorgeous new bra collection for example:) What do I love about this new collection so much? Well, a huge fan of lightly padded or unpadded bras in general, the new collection features the prettiest bralettes in every color and shape imaginable!  


April 20, 2016

I love festival season! The parties, the music, the vibe and the style, I love it all! Now that Weekend One is over, which I seriously have a hard time believing because it feels like it came and went in a split second, I wanted to share a few images of some of my favorite moments, outfits and also talk a little bit about what inspires my festival style. 


April 19, 2016

If you read my blog on the regular, you probably know that when it comes to everyday make up, low key is what I normally opt for! Well, with the exception of cat eye liner that is, but you know I can't live without it! :) Recently, I talked about some of my everyday make-up favorites from Burt's Bees like their new lipstick and BB Cream, but I've discovered a new favorite going-out lipstick color since, so I though I'd take this opportunity to mention it!


April 18, 2016

As I have mentioned before, I am more than a little obsessed with blocked heels at the moment, and these Pearl City sandals from Marc Fisher LTD are definitely my favorite pair right now! Love the combination of bold straps, blocked heel and silver hardware! I also love the way these sandals add a bit of a polished edge to some of my girlier looks and today's outfit is a perfect example of that. Though I definitely love very soft, feminine pieces, I prefer to pair them with something a little more polished and sophisticated to keep them from looking too girly. So, to help balance this uber feminine floral ensemble, I opted to go with a trendier, edgier blocked heel, a simple linen trench and oversized sunnies.